Any project, no matter how smartly designed and agreed upon, to pass the last stage: execution, or embodied in reality. It is unrealizable without all planned in the project materials.

Supply of high-quality materials on time and at an affordable price is everything our customers expect from us.

The company "Luxury House" delivers elite finishing materials and interior items from different manufacturers. Offering luxury finishing materials to create a luxurious, original interiors and exteriors, we guarantee proven high quality products and timely delivery. Visit our office, we will show you samples of materials and will open for you an amazing natural world by in natural and synthetic finishing materials.

Our Company has a wide range of partners and suppliers in the field of design and finish.

Thanks to the cooperation with international companies and factories we have a flexible approach to the supply in terms of pricing and efficiency.

We appreciate your time, and in addition to this, we understand how time-consuming and difficult to fully equip your house according to the project and not overpaying for urgency or buying up. That is why in our studio open area complete facilities and trained professionals in the field of natural stone, decorative materials, furniture and light will provide you with everything you need and will monitor the timely delivery of products to the site. They also help you stay within your planned budget, carefully selecting alternatives for each of the requested positions, forming an offer in a clear and accessible way. This will allow you to analyze the prices and supply conditions in the local market and give you confidence in us as a reliable partner for you.

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