Design is the most complex and  responsible process, necessary at the stage of commencement of any construction activity.

The project is the result of design, determines the value of this multi-valued term. Design - is a process that connects the idea and its technical execution.


IDEA, as the engine of our creative team, focused on the aesthetic aspect is not yet existing or existing, but not yet lined object. This aspect is not less important than the functional purpose of the object, especially considering the needs of the modern customer, who himself determines what should be his home, interior, landscape. This idea requires higher skills in creativity, talent and knowledge of more than, allowing to determine the style and stand it in detail.


Technical aspects, which is responsible for the design and detailing for the development of drawings, which will allow to translate the idea into reality. The designer focuses on the perfect solution and optimization of not only design solutions, but also the optimization of material costs.

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